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I should also write of my wonderful lady friend who was mad enough to say yes on new years day.

As an engagement present we’re getting a shed from her brother!

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Asparagus graveyard!

The asparagus is officially dead.  when I put it in last year, it sat around in the bag for a few days rather than going straight in whilst I quickly dug it a bed.  it was put in, but I had no real growing instructions.  Unfortunately the weeds got in quick and did the dirty on it over the summer.  During the clearup I did manage to hack it back, hoping in vain it would recover.  No soap, today it is like soggy paper.

I’ve also got rats in the compost bin, which I dug out today and the majority of it is lovely earth.  That went onto the ex-asparagus bed which has been split in two for early potatoes.  I dug over the old herb and carrot bed.  The all died anyway so it wasn’t much of a problem.

Also to note is the formation of the local allotment association and the introduction of polytunnels!  We really wanted one last year for the tomatoes and squash, but were turned down by the parish council.  Now we can take the old greenhouse that was offered to us and take out the glass and use the frame for the polytunnel.

I went home to return with lots of plastic bottles I’ve been meaning to take down there as my tempory greenhouses.  Whilst down there I spoke to a fellow allotmenteer who after hearing of my plight of the asparagus has shown me where a big patch of wild asparagus is growing.  I may be over there to split the crown later in the year!

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