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Who’s the most power efficient of them all?

I’ve been trying recently to tune down the number of gadgets eating up electricity in my home.  Unfortunately I have several not exactly essential items including my wifi nabaztag (Seiko) and my digital photo frame (but just think of the fewer chemicals used to print thousands of unnecessary photos!)

It turns out though, that my current selection of games console, the wii is the most energy efficient of the lot.  Except of course I have wiiconnect24 on, which I’m going to disable tonight.

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First Aid Chart












When visiting a friend in Norfolk last year – the main inspiration for finally getting off my behind and getting my allotment – I saw some charts adorning his walls.  One for first aid remedies and one for nutritional facts.  They’re apparently hand painted and laminated and both can be shipped to your home for the princely sum of £9.90

(used to be available from lemonburst, but alas no more 27/2/12)

But you can get them here:



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August update

Ooops, what happened to summer?

OK I’ll hold up my hands and admit this year hasn’t exactly gone as scheduled.  What was supposed to happen was that I would be weekly blogging on the state of my green living and allotment.

It didn’t exactly hapen as planned – not very good for a project planner!

So what happened?  I moved house, infact I’m now within spitting distance of my plot (note to self, ‘our plot’ as the significant other has now officially racked up more hours down there…) and had a deluge of DIY which has taken far too long.

So my new September resolution is to sort it all out.  Watch this space.

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