Shrooms and Spuds

DSC00071Plenty of shrooms and spuds on the allotment this week. I’m not sure that the shrooms are edible, but very interesting looking – a bit like a pine cone and fairly small (See pics on album).

DSC00065The spuds however are coming through in the big blue boxes! Huzzah – I was getting worried about them. A few did look like the slugs had had them.

We’ve got a big slug problem at the moment. I’m researching the best way to safely deter them, but they’ve killed my cucumbers so naught shall survive if caught. I tossed out about 20 yesterday from the cloche but I found another 8 today. None big, but big enough to entirly munch several plants. boo hiss slugs!

DSC00069Was ambulancing today – pic shows the 4×4 I wasn’t in (I was in the A&E ambulance behind it) watching show jumping at shopland hall. Turns out horses don’t like getting wet. A good 25% of the horses refused (initially) to go through the water some needing coaxing others plainly giving up. That was the only entertaining part of the day for me – the guys on earlier got to see broken tendons and all sorts. Bah.

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