Crisis Management

Some people ask how I manage to live my life, and usually the reply is ‘crisis management.  For those not in the know I do many things in my life:

1.) Main job (working full time for a certain large company – 35hrs a week)
2.) St John Ambulance – I do shifts for Essex and London Ambulance services, mainly attending urgent calls in an A&E ambulance.  The training also takes up my time, especially on a Tuesday, though I’ve been neglecting it of late due to my buying of a house.  I also have to do duties at sports events (local matches, marathon) among other stuff.
3.) Scouts – Whilst not officially a leader, I do spend a couple of hours on a Wednesday trying to expand young kids minds by lighting fires, pulling down trees and sending them on freezing cold expeditions.
4.) Allotment work – maintaing what is going to be a large source of my food in the new flat.
5.) Sales for a south Korean company (called WIPS) which I spend a large amount of time writing letters, email, calling and supporting clients
6.) Photography – this has suffered recently after completing a course in it, but I’ll be back on track now most of the hassle is gone.
7.) PC repairs & software engineering for charities and friends/neighbours.
6.) Last but not least, a social life.  Yes I do have one.  No, it’s not all glitz and glamour – it’s generally having friends over for beers, the odd bit of dominos, computer games or dare I say it, going outside of the manor and seeing the inside of pubs and clubs.

I’m also working on a number of projects such as my low impact initiative in a flat, inventing things and sleeping.  I get on average 8 hours of sleep a night and here I shall impart my words of wisdom who wants to pack as much into your day as possible:  Get up early – I can’t remember the last time I slept in later than 9…

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