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Digging but not for crops (is a collection of frogs a crop?)

dug a small pond today using the old plastic I had – not sure how that’ll hold up, but it’s a place for the frogs to survive if nothing else. I put a pallet over the top to stop small children falling in and drowning.

Next to the pond I built up a pile of branches against the tyres. This should give small creatures a place to shelter against bigger predators. I’m hoping to get a slow worm down there as it is by the compost heap.

Finished off the pond with a length of wood to aid small creatures getting out and done!

Foxes (or similar) seem to have visited the straw bed. Plenty of bounding footprints over the boxes!

I’ve measured out a small straw bale build. My calculations say I need 17 bales of straw and eight tyres, two large pallets and some plastic. This’ll be my shelter/shed. It’s cheaper than buying a plastic box for tools (since I’ll probably just lay them in there) and will have the advantage of somewhere to sit and cook.

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